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use Golf cart

Trying to look for a use golf cart


Where can i get a manual for a callaway push golf cart?

Where can I get a manual for a Callaway 3wheel push golf cart?


My 1988 g2 Yamaha golf cart will run but does not drive.

I was wondering if anyone had the same problem and if there was a simple solution to it.


2006 txt wont pull up a hill,put hand on motor and it feels like its turning but not going anywhere. does great on level

Ground . pulled cart against a trailer and felt the motor while pushing pedal.it felt like it was turning but wasnt going anywhere?


What year is this golf cart It ia a E-Z go car Div. Extron --Augusta Ga. The body is metal. Model---X444-5ge Serial--3544X263...

What year is this golf cart It ia a E-Z go car Div. Extron --Augusta Ga. The body is metal. Model---X444-5ge Serial--3544X2637 MFG No.--535-2831E


Ez-go golf cart 2cycle motor 1987

Would like to know the right oil to gas ratio ?


I need to find a service or owners manual for a 1993 Golf and Country by Wester Golf Cart

I cannot find any information about the golf cart I just purchased. Like described it is a 1993 Golf and Country by Wester golf cart. Its is smoking excessively and I am trying to fiqure out why. From what I can...


How much compression should a 244 cid ez go 2 stroke carry

Ez go golf cart wont start i have fuel and spark


Comet Clutch 88 EZGO Golf Cart

Removed my clutch with a bolt and soap shavings, to hydraulic it off..the whole thing came apart, does this have to be pressed back together, and then bolted on.?Or did I ruin it already, any help would be great..Thanks


Western Shadow Creek Golf Cart Ser#40010512823

Just got a gift. What year could this be and where can I find a kit to add turn signals (may have to change or add directional lights), horn and I need to add seatbelts? Need to get it street legal for La Quinta...


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Yamaha golf cart wont start hot without choke

Cleaned carb plug doesnt seem to be much coming out of exhaust use to start fine when hot


Yamaha golf cart wont start without choke

Cleaned carb and plug tried adjusting fuel mixture screw etc only will fire once then have to choke there is no temp sensor on it could plugged exhaust cause this it did smoke like a banshee for awhile


I have an 87 ezgo golf cart no power

I have an 87 ezgo gas powered golf cart. Was running and just stopped and the wiring was burnt going to starter generator. So I replaced ALL wiring. For about 5 minutes it ran great and had alot of power, now it...